Welcome to the nonviolent alliance for Iran

A lot happened in Iran last year and it is still going on. Iranians have risen up to reclaim their lives, dignity and freedom. Everyone, especially young people, is participating in this movement in their own way. We, the nonviolent alliance for Iran, want to introduce and integrate the principles of nonviolence, human dignity, and healing into this movement. Right now, different people give this movement different names, revolution, uprising. Future generations will judge the current movement and give it a proper name. We call this movement the nonviolent resurrection of human dignity in Iran.

Who we are

This alliance started with two members who live outside of Iran, in the winter of 2022. We were inspired by the power of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement and we wanted to contribute to this movement. After working together for six months, speaking to different people inside and outside the movement, we're ready to make a tangible contribution. 

Because of the violent nature of the current situation, we don't publish our own names or those of our supporters and subscribers. 

The objective of the alliance

The objective of our alliance is to support the people who work on systemic change in Iran, to integrate nonviolence and healing into their personal lives and work. This way we want to contribute to a new Iran where healing and nonviolence will be woven into all structures of society. A society that has been built around the principles of human dignity.


Our strategy is to connect with people who can feel a spark in their hearts reading our mission, vision and principles. People who already know that violence can only lead to more violence. We want to support these people in helping other people to tunnel the energy of the current movement toward nonviolent action, strategic systemic change and healing.

On our website, you will see our visual. At first sight, it looks like a beautiful drawing. It is much more than just a pretty drawing. Every element of our visual has a meaning. 


We envision an Iran where:


The pillars on which all of our actions stand are: nonviolence, healing, wisdom of the locals and a deep entrustment to women.

Our guiding principles

As one of the leaders in nonviolence from the past once said: The way towards the goal must be as pure as the goal itself. These are our guiding principles to support us on the way

6. We get things done through the trust of existing relationships. 

7. We accept our limitations, going beyond them will lead to burnout and violence.

8. We use symbolism in our language because people are moved by emotions. 

9. Decisions are made in togetherness based on consent, we integrate concerns and objections that we can hold within our group and that stay within our capacity and shared direction. 

10. At every gathering, we take time to celebrate and to mourn, to keep our hearts open and connected.

We're building a people powered alliance. There are three ways to become part of this alliance. As a member, a supporter or a subscriber.


What they give:
Talents, love and creativity.
Time commitment starts from 4 hours a week.

What they receive:
Strategic influence within and outside the alliance.
Meaningful work on change in Iran.


What they give:
Support the alliance with educational, networking, monetary or other resources.

What they receive:
We support you in your mission, by doing our work and collaborating.


What they give:
Moral support for the people within the alliance.
Broadening the awareness of the alliance.

What they receive
Regular updates on our progress
Educational resources on healing and nonviolence.