Our services

Services for the day before

To reach our goal we developed different services for the people inside and outside Iran. 

Some of our services are meant for the change movement now. It is the moment that the current system is still not dismantled. Let’s call them services for the day before:

In fall 2023 we focus on finding more togetherness and support to organize the following services:

We wish to start with these services in winter 2023. 

Services for the day after

Services 1,2 and, 3 can carry on also after the current movement bears fruit. Let’s call them services for the day after.

During the transitional period additional services of the nonviolent alliance for Iran can focus on:

4. Research, develop, and publish ideas to ensure that nonviolent and healing are embedded in the new constitution for Iran. A new constitution entrusted to women to ensure care for the whole.

5. Support the development and working of a Truth, healing, and reconciliation committee.

6. To prevent transgenerational trauma and to build a strong foundation of human dignity in Iran, nonviolent and healing need to be integrated into the next version of the educational system, beginning from elementary school. Where nonviolent self-purification, nonviolent thinking, nonviolent communication, nonviolent conflict resolution, and healing cycles are essential tools.

The goal of this program is

What does the healing circle look like?
We sense a place where people can mourn their losses and celebrate the beauties of life. Experienced facilitators will guide a 1,5 hour, online circle that starts with some grounding exercise. After that, the floor is open to both grieving and celebrations. With sufficient pauses and caring attention, grief can be transformed into generative energy. At the end of the circle, each person asks themselves to take one step that is within their capacity to walk towards nonviolence in their life and in the movement.

What will the classes look like?
We will invite people with experience in nonviolent action to offer their wisdom in 1,5 hour online sessions. Each session will look somewhat different. Sometimes it will be a conversation with Q&A, sometimes it will be a very structured exercise a facilitator will guide. Each time we focus on offering an exercise or something strategic to the participants.

Will the classes and circles be in English or Parsi?
Some will be in English and some in Parsi. In either case, there will be live interpretation available for participants.