What does nonviolence mean?

To us, there are two things that nonviolence refers to.

1. Inner nonviolence

I will treat myself and you with dignity, even if I don't have a sense that you are treating me or others with dignity.

2. Nonviolent action
These are strategic actions, developed by a group of people who practice inner nonviolence, to change the status quo. The nonviolent action we follow is that of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose steps always have the aim to come to reconciliation. To work towards a beloved community, a society that works for all. The steps he laid out to us in his letter from a jail in Birmingham:
1. Collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist
2. Negotiation
3. Self-purification
4. Direct action

We understand the fifth step to be reconciliation.

We're building a people powered alliance. There are three ways to become part of this alliance. As a member, a supporter or a subscriber.


What they give:
Talents, love and creativity.
Time commitment starts from 4 hours a week.

What they receive:
Strategic influence within and outside the alliance.
Meaningful work on change in Iran.


What they give:
Support the alliance with educational, networking, monetary or other resources.

What they receive:
We support you in your mission, by doing our work and collaborating.


What they give:
Moral support for the people within the alliance.
Broadening the awareness of the alliance.

What they receive
Regular updates on our progress
Educational resources on healing and nonviolence.